One way to remove pimples

Who doesn't hate body acne? Well I sure do. But I found ways to remove those darned pimples. Obviously it is important to keep your body clean, but just keeping it clean will not remove all the pimples. Acne can be very persistent, and can drive you insane! It all started when I was 17, I suddenly started developing acne on my chest. A few months later pimples appeared on my back. I was afraid of exposing those parts of my body in fear of ridicule. Thankfully with some discipline and patience I was able to fight the pimple invasion and regain my self-confidence.

Quite a few articles published on the Internet mention popping the pimples. Now, dermatologists are rather divided on the issue. Some say it will cause scarring and more infection, others feel that it doesn't hurt that much if done properly. I have to agree with the latter group of dermatologists, for the sole reason that I've seen an improvement in my personal situation. What is important though is that you use very clean tools for the “popping procedure”. Do not use your dirty nails! Also if you are going to pop pimples only do it when the yellow head has developed.

The yellow head contains puss that is basically the evil disgusting stuff that pimples extract. Clean the surrounding area and apply a little pressure around the pimple. This should usually do the job. If it doesn't your pimple may not be ready for popping.

After the pimple has been popped, clean the area again - making sure you remove all traces of the nasty fluid - and thoroughly clean your hands. Some people's skin responds well to Aloe Vera to speed up the healing process. Aloe Vera also appears to fight the development of pimples somewhat. If you are unsure whether a pimple is ready to be removed, stay away from it. It will naturally “die” without intervention anyway.

Just remember not to put too much pressure on the area of the pimple, this can really cause more infections and more pimples will appear. We hope your pimple situation improves!


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