Those annoying pimples on buttocks. Don't you just hate it when you've got pimples on your buttocks? We receive email from all over the world from people that have the same problem as you, they notice pimples appearing on their buttocks and want to get rid of them, and know how to prevent them from appearing again.

Let's just start with one important fact : Everyone gets pimples, even supermodels. There are ways to minimize the chances of them appearing on your skin, but no guaranteed ways to prevent them completely.

Pimples appear when your pores get clogged up with dirt, a small infection develops that pushes upwards and appears as the famous pimple. Pimples are not a hygiene issue, (unless you wash yourself only once a month!) - however, when they do appear it's important to keep the skin clear of debris.

A question we receive quite often is : “Should I use soap to clear the affected skin?”.

Soap is not the best way to treat pimples, since it can actually block pores and irritate the skin. A natural scrubbing solution applied once or twice a week is much more efficient as it removes dead skin cells that pile up on your skin if untouched. A warm shower followed by a cold shower is excellent to get some blood circulation going. The warm water will open the pores, washing away superficial dirt, the cold water will close the pores. Regular pimples on buttocks are not contagious, even though they can look unpleasant.

Some research has shown that there is a relation between wearing tight clothes and the occurrence of pimples on buttocks. It makes sense - tight clothes constantly rub against your skin, causing irritation to appear. This irritation can be small bumps or pimples. Tight clothes may look fashionable, but if you want to keep your skin in excellent condition we suggest opting for more loose clothes that leave your skin free to breathe.

Hormonal changes in especially teenagers can cause pimples on buttocks, and other parts of the body. Sadly, there still is no perfect cure available they will remove all those annoying pimples from your body.
Products with salicylic acid help remove dead skin cells from your skin and stimulate cell growth. However, some people's skin may not respond well to the rather aggressive acid. Always try out any new products on a small area of your skin before applying it to the full area that you wish to treat.

Believe me when I say that there are without doubt ways to remove pimples from your buttocks. You may have to be patient though, and try several different methods. If you rather not use expensive products and prefer a more natural approach then take a look at this link. You may find that site to be quite useful!


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